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About Us
Welcome to ScrapbookBank!
For Digital Scrapbookers, Archivists, and Genealogists, ScrapbookBank provides a service that is critically important for your photos, artwork, scrapbooks and your scrapbook pages: permanence.
Since for many of us, scrapbooks may be the only way for preserving family history and sharing memories with our children and coming generations, having a permanent archive is like having an insurance policy that they will be there in the future. For a modest cost, ScrapbookBank: (1) provides the peace of mind that your scrapbook pages will always be there when you or someone you designate wants them, (2) allows you (or by anyone you designate) to add to, update or modify your files at any time, (3) allows you to print out as many pages or full scrapbooks at any time and have them sent to anyone you wish. These include archival quality scrapbooks that will last up to 200 years.
At ScrapbookBank, you can store all your valuable images in a safe and secure location as well as sharing them with your loved ones and friends.
The way it works: (1) you upload your scrapbook pages, (2) you update, modify or download them any time you want, (3) you pay an annual storage fee. The first 30 days are free.
ScrapbookBank is a sister website to ScrapbooksPlease, so if you need any of your scrapbooks printed out at any time, for an additional fee, you can print out as many pages or full scrapbooks and have them sent to anyone and anywhere you wish. Click here for more information.
We are also a sister site to the Scrapbook Flair community so if you need any digital scrapbooks supplies like free digital scrapbook software or free artwork, be sure to visit by clicking here. In addition to great ideas, you'll find lots of other scrappers to inspire and encourage you.
Finally, as a service for you, we are here to answer your questions and are interested in your feedback to let us know how we can be the best service possible. So feel free to ask or let us know how we're doing or what we could do better, simply by clicking Contact Us at the bottom of every page. We hope you like this service and hope it helps you and your family in preserving the memories featured in your carefully crafted pages.